Support for Ukrainian children

In the face of the conflict in Ukraine, Polonez Plus sympathises with our neighbours by taking actions on behalf of defenceless children, affected by the war. We are not impervious to the suffering of the youngest Ukrainians that were forced to flee from their homes and schools.

Having regard to the importance of education in human development, Polonez Plus provides financial support to Jules Verne School Complex in Kielce, helping children from Ukraine to build better future without fear and uncertainty.


Due to our involvement there was created a unique, adaptive class with qualified staff that will allow children to gain knowledge compatible with Ukrainian curriculum in their native language. In addition to education, their mental condition will also be taken care of, to help them cope with their traumas and fears caused by the war.

Our goal is to restore their sense of belonging and to give them at least a semblance of normality. The classes, organised with our help will allow them to take a break from the horrors of war, that is why we respond to the need of creating a safe environment that will provide them with comfort, bonds and active participation.

We believe that our actions will help bring back the smiles on their faces in this hard time. Due to the fact that their sense of security has been taken from them in their own country, we want to make it easier for them to build a better future.