In the scope of our services, we offer top-class engineering solutions and construction of ventilation and air-conditioning, cooling, chilled water, plumbing, sanitary, fire protection and automation systems.

Comprehensive execution of the above-mentioned installations, mostly with our own staff of up to 265 engineering and technical workers, fitters, insulators, welders and automation specialists, fully satisfies the needs of our clients.

The performance of installations and production of prefabricated elements that meet the requirements of the Quality Management System standard is guarded by ISO 9001: 2015, confirmed for many years for our company by DET NORSKE VERITAS.

Having our own modern production facility and the highest-class executive potential, we provide high-quality services of sanitary installations in general, industrial, commercial and public utility construction.

We increase range of our services systematically.
As for today we are delighted to offer designing, manufacturing and installation of the following systems:
Smoke control
Chilled water
Air Conditioning
Fire Detection
Potable water
Hot water
Technological water supply
Compressed air
Earth gas
Power supply for HVAC​
Technical Gases
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