The company Polonez Plus Spółka z o.o. Is a dynamic growing up company sanitary installations industry. It provides its services based on a team of highly qualified employees with many years of experience as well as qualifications. Thanks to extensive cooperation with partners, taking into account the internal and external conditions of our business, each time we try to offer our Clients the latest achievements in the world technique of sanitary installations. All this to achieve our strategic goal, which is to provide professionalism in operation and offer the highest standard of services, guaranteeing excellent quality that will be approved by the Customer.

The main objectives of Polonez Plus Spółka z o.o. are:

  1. Providing clients with the necessary materials to provide services that meet their quality requirements;
  2. Maximum adaptation of the services provided and the materials and devices offered to the needs and changing requirements of the clients;
  3. Gaining and maintaining trust and customer satisfaction with our services.

We achieve the above goals through:

  1. Implementation of the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015;
  2. Continuous improvement of the quality of services and products delivered through their timely implementation, minimization of complaints and constant monitoring of services and products provided at every stage of their creation;
  3. Involving all employees of the Company in continuous improvement of the quality management system, deepening and maintaining in employee’s beliefs about their impact and responsibility for the quality of services rendered and products delivered, and identification of employees with the Company’s quality objectives;
  4. Raising employees’ professional qualifications by providing access to knowledge and training as well as improving the internal organizational structure;
  5. Optimal use of existing resources and adaptation of technical equipment to the Clients’ requirements;
  6. Study of the needs, expectations and satisfaction of key stakeholders;
  7. A proven system for assessing and selecting suppliers, subcontractors and developing partnerships with clients, suppliers, subcontractors and other interested parties;
  8. Periodic assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of the adopted policy and assumed goals, as well as the entire quality management system.

Owner of Polonez Plus Spółka z o.o. declares:

  1. Continuous correction and improvement of the quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2015 and ensuring the necessary resources to achieve the adopted goals;
  2. Meeting legal requirements and other requirements of interested parties, which Polonez Plus has committed to meet;
  3. Conducting periodic reviews of the Quality Policy in terms of ensuring its continuing suitability and adequacy;
  4. Access to resources ensuring that every employee will know, understand and implement the objectives and tasks resulting from this policy and the quality management system.
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