Energy transformation proposal

Heating and ventilation

1) Modernization of heating installations
2) Modernization of the boiler room
3) Heat pumps
4) Water loops
5) Ventilation with heat recovery

Energy production

1) Photovoltaics
2) Wind turbines
3) Polygeneration
a) Cogeneration (production of heat and electricity)
b) Trigeneration (cogeneration with additional production of cold)
4) Energy storage

Green hydrogen H2

1) Hydrogen storage
2) Use of hydrogen in technological processes (e.g. mixing with natural gas)
3) Generation of electricity in fuel cells
4) Retrofit of vehicles and machines

Decarbonization of industry and logistics

  1. Carbon footprint – cost of CO2 emission allowances all time is growing.
  2. Increase in electricity prices;
  3. Natural gas prices increase.
Natural gas prices
Change in prices of 1MWh of electricity over the last few years in PLN

Green energy in industrial plants is not only a business necessity, but also an image necessity.

There is no doubt that Polish industry must undergo a massive energy transformation in the next two or three years, otherwise it will not meet the requirements of the Western market and will not be able to compete with European companies. Today, in Poland, the main motivator for investing in own generation and better energy management are its costs – their current and expected increase. However, ecological awareness among enterprises is certainly growing.

A three-stage concept of energy transformation

Our offer includes a comprehensive approach to the issue of ENERGY OPTIMIZATION of existing facilities.


Analysis of the current state
Optimization concept, selection of technology and devices
Estimated project valuation
Forecasted rate of return

Technologies we have and can perform:

Heat pumps
Water loop - heat recovery system
Ventilation with heat recovery (recuperation)
ORC - production of electricity from waste heat
Energy storage
We have experience in modernizing existing installations using our own ideas using heat pumps of various types, in various systems, which, combined with electricity from PV or windmills, gives significant savings that are visible immediately after installation. For some facilities, the rate of return on investment may be less than 12 months. Together with our partners, we are able to make a specific, “tailor-made” product using components from well-known manufacturers. We have educated engineering staff and specialists thanks to whom no project is impossible for us! We are able to prepare comprehensive concepts for you, including designs and implementation.
VRF HEAT PUMPS (Fresh air supply through units with heat recovery, temperature control with air-to-air heat pumps (VRF system manufactured by Daikin or Mitsubishi), ducted indoor units with high pressure, air distribution using fabric ducts) CHILLING WATER GENERATOR + AGW Fresh air supply through units with heat recovery, temperature control with water heating and ventilation units powered by air-to-water heat pumps (manufactured by Daikin, Trane, Mitsubishi, Carrier) ROOFTOP WITH HEAT PUMP (Fresh air supply through units with heat recovery, temperature control using rooftops with heat pumps operating in recirculation mode, air distribution through fabric ducts, manufactured by Trane, Carrier, Daikin)
What do we propose?
  • we analyze electricity consumption
  • we adjust photovoltaic installations to consumption
  • we analyze the possibility of using surplus energy from the pv installation
  • we perform complete installations
  • we prepare the required one documentation
Thanks to the recovery of thermal energy from exhaust gases using an exchanger or economizer, we can: Add water heaters to the existing supply ventilation installation and obtain a much higher temperature of the supplied air!
The principle of operation of ORC is the same as for the traditional Rankine cycle. The working medium is pumped to the steam generator, where it is heated and evaporates, then it expands in the turbine. Steam from the turbine is redirected to the condenser, where it is condensed into the liquid phase.
We can supplement the entire system with a battery energy storage system, which, together with the photovoltaic installation, stabilizes the operation of the power grid, stores surplus energy and ensures the continuity of operation of machines, production lines or, for example, an electrolyzer.


Design and implementation of renewable energy sources (RES)
Modernization of the existing boiler room and HVAC installation
Systems for recovery, transport and use of thermal energy
Industrial automation systems (BMS)

Building automation system

Fully adapted to the building’s characteristics and functional requirements. Integrates, connects and controls field devices in the industry, including: HVAC, electrical installations, lighting, as well as typical devices for a given project. An in-depth analysis based on an energy audit, consultations with the client and an on-site inventory allows us to obtain very accurate input data. This allows us to create a fully tailored, maximally effective and optimized control algorithm. The algorithm intelligently controls all devices, achieving maximum comfort with the minimum possible media consumption, which makes the system profitable and the investment in it fully returns! Controlling all devices in the building is reduced to one panel, for easy operation by staff. Full management and advanced settings are available for building technical services (remotely). Additionally, it is possible to collect data from the system in the cloud! If the building already has a BMS installation, we can modernize it by adding the necessary devices and systems. If it does not have such a system, we are ready to design and perform a complete installation!

Measuring devices and energy consumption

Analysis of collected data

Introduction of intelligent automation using artificial intelligence


Hydrogen production and storage
Fuel cells to produce electricity from hydrogen
Vehicle retrofit in cooperation with mPower
Hydrogen vehicle refueling stations

Hydrogen production and storage

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We will design the appropriate power of the devices, select the appropriate electrolyzer and hydrogen storage facility. Depending on the pressure and capacity, we can offer ready-made cylinder bundles or steel or composite tanks with much larger capacity.

Fuel cells to produce electricity from hydrogen

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We have many domestic and foreign partners who offer fuel cells for the production of electricity from hydrogen. Pure green energy without any emissions of harmful substances!

Hydrogen vehicle refueling stations

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Creating a cleaner future requires investing in innovation. To meet this idea, we propose to implement the concept of building a hydrogen refueling station. Together with our EU partners, we are able to offer the design and construction of such a facility.

Vehicle retrofit in cooperation with MPower Technologie

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Thanks to cooperation with, we are able to offer retrofit of already used vehicles or machines. mPower offers key components of drive systems for zero-emission vehicles.

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