Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is all voluntary activities, going beyond legal requirements, benefiting the stakeholders and the company’s environment. Polonez Plus private limited company as part of these activities, have been cooperating for 4 years with the Vocational School Complex No.1. As part of the cooperation, students of this school carry out a program of internships and workshops at companys production plant as part of: – weekly apprenticeships, – monthly apprenticeships – summer apprenticeships – we provide materials for practical classes in the field of sanitary installations.

We also participate in the life of the Kielce Electrical School Complex, the so-called Elektryka, such as in “ELEKTRYK” reads for NIEPODLEGŁA – 2018. Since 2019, we have signed a cooperation agreement for apprenticeships in the area such as with the Vocational School Complex No. 1. In the future, we want to take patronage over one of the classes.

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